11 Simple Tips on How to Build Endurance Running

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Build Endurance Running

If you have set a goal to run longer distances than you currently are, then you need to build endurance running. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or a pro, you still need to have the same amount of endurance if you would love to finish a long distance race under a specific time frame. Today we are going to discuss some easy to remember tips on how to build endurance running.

1. Take More Carbs

Yes! You’ve read it right. While most people will tell you to take more proteins than carbohydrates to build your endurance in running, the solution is far from it. Endurance has a lot to do with a good supply of energy. That’s where carbohydrate come in. They help fuel all your activities.

Research has proven that upping your carbohydrates intake before treadmill running can enhance endurance and delay exhaustion. One study found that eating carbs the first 60 minutes of exercise enhances endurance capacity to a great extent.

2. Hill Training

Even if you will not be competing in any competition that has hills, including hill training is an integral part of any running program. Training to run uphill has the same leg action as sprinting, with the legs lifting high up and driving down using a lot of power. Apart from strengthening your heart, this exercise builds a lot of strength and stamina in the muscles. It will definitely be of great help to you when you run on a flat surface because the amount of efforts you will use will be much lower so you will find it way easier.

3. Save Weightlifting for The End

A well-balanced workout that includes some strength training and cardio helps to build endurance running in the long term. Studies have it that additional heavy strength training has a positive effect on the influence economy of well-trained triathletes. So when you hit the gym, start with some aerobics (spinning and running) and then proceed to strength training or weight lifting. It is important that you follow that order because weight lifting uses a lot of glycogen stored in your muscles. If you choose to do it first, you probably feel too exhausted to complete a more intense aerobic workout later.

4. Know Your Capability

Each and every person has his/her own strength and weaknesses. Running for long distances should as much as possible complement your strength but not your weaknesses. Different individuals are capable of various speeds. You will need to know yourself and find a place that is suitable for you. Running with a friend or someone with similar capability may help you, as when running together you tend not to feel as tired as when he/she is running alone.

5. Warm Up

Just as vehicles needs a little bit warming up before they can start to perform at an optimal ability, the same is with human beings body. Starting into your running without any warm up can bring some injuries to you. Some runners prefer some short and slow run as a warm up while other prefer just to walk. Anything that warms your muscles and prepares the body for the ordeal ahead is okay.

6. Go One Step Further Each Time

It can be overwhelming to think about running half a marathon while you can only run 2 or 3 miles comfortably. While it is good to keep an eye on where you want to achieve eventually, it is good always to take one more step each time you run. Run one more minute or some few more steps than you did last time. Learn to have patience with your body and yourself. Give it time to adapt to the small changes you are making. Small and manageable steps will eventually become huge leaps in creating your endurance.

A good rule of the thumb is to add 10% of what you had done the previous week.

7. Rest

Do not underestimate the importance of taking a rest for a day in your training plan. Take a full day off- no yoga, barre or training of any sort. Just allow your body to have a full day rest, relax, recover and be rejuvenated.

8. Be Consistent

As it is with many things in life, consistency is the key to success. Being consistent in your sport by training 4 to 6 days a week is imperative so as to maintain and build endurance. If you are training for a marathon and you want to build your endurance, train almost every day- even if you will only run some few miles.

9. Think of Endurance Not Distance

Although the key to building endurance is by running longer distances, you must also be concerned with boosting your endurance not necessarily on hitting your target. Pros always think on how they can increase their endurance so that whatever they do, they can always push themselves to the limit. Training like speed work and hill training will improve your endurance even if the distance you will cover is not that great.

10. Slow Down

When you are starting out running, keep most of your runs easy and paced. Slow it down so that you can use less effort. Most of us where we go wrong is that we push too hard where the pace is supposed to be slow and steady. If you find out that you are wiped off after every run, slow down by even 30 seconds per mile. You will be amazed on how much further you will run.

11. Select The Right Music to Keep You Going

A good music beat always gives you an extra kick. Some music even manages to make you feel invisible. According to a recently researched study, carefully selected music can increase endurance in exercise up to 15%. Another significant research shows that music can help exercise feel more positive even when you are working on high intensity. So switch to some good music to help you build endurance running.

Bottom Line

There you have it; I believe endurance is one of the most vital aspects of any person who is preparing for a marathon, triathlon or any other long distance race. You are subjecting your body through a difficult situation for a prolonged period hoping not to give away. I hope the few tips we have outlined above will go a good way of helping you build endurance running.

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